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Located in the lush Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Carolina Bison raises its herd on top-quality grasses and pure mountain spring water. Our robust bison graze freely on hundreds of open pasture acreage, reminiscent of the original native herds.

Founded by author, lecturer, and whole-health practitioner Dr. Frank J. King, Jr. in 1985, Carolina Bison is proudly one of the largest bison ranches in the Southeastern region. With a mission to improve the health of his patients naturally, Dr. King began prescribing bison meat with astonishing results. As an alternative to commercial red meat, bison provided such superior nutrition to his patients, that they commonly experienced more energy, fewer digestive issues, and increased immune function. Noticing such dramatic improvements on a diet of native bison, Dr. King continued to extend the size of his personal herd. Driven by the great history of the American Bison, he became committed to educating the public on the endless benefits of bison. Securing the future for these impressive animals remains an important mission for Dr. King and his family.

In keeping with Dr. King’s vision for optimum health, Carolina Bison are raised without the use of any added hormones, antibiotics or stimulants. We are able to certify our meat as 100% All Natural because we are committed to the strict guidelines associated with this label. The herd is highly respected and humanely treated by the entire team. We proudly participate in humane harvesting.

Carolina Bison is 100% pure, all natural, true American Bison.

Why stop at bison? Read more about the benefits of all grass-fed meats, and click here to purchase our certified organic, all natural grass-fed beef and all natural angus beef. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Carolina Bison Facts:

  • Naturally raised on top-quality grasses
  • Access to pure mountain spring water
  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • 100% USDA inspected, pure American Bison
  • Humanely harvested
  • Native to North America
  • Free-range
  • Clean, lean meat source, high in vitamins and minerals
  • Hardy species requiring little artificial intervention
  • Purchasing bison meat supports private breeders committed to sustainably growing bison populations
  • Bison is acknowledged by the American Heart Association as a heart-healthy meat
  • Bison are part of the Sustainable Agricultural movement
  • High in protein, low in fat

At his farm in Leicester, Dr. Frank King raises about 200 Watusi, along with a menagerie of camels, bison, yak, elk and more--all in the name of curiosity and nutritional research.

Carolina Bison

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